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LTL Shipping

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Standard LTL Services:   No Name Logistics has agreements in place with all the major LTL Common Carriers throughout North America.  Shop your LTL lanes with us to compare our rates to yours.  LTL shipments range from 1 or 2 pallets of general F.A.K to 16 skids of heavy weight machinery!

"Load-To-Ride" LTL Services:   We can arrange your less than truckload shipment to be carried via truckload carrier.  We do this by matching your shipment to a carrier either with room on their trailer or one that specializes in this type of LTL.  Our "Load-To Ride" LTL Service means that once your cargo is secured for transport in or on the truck it will not be removed from the truck/trailer it was loaded on.  By reducing the amount of times your cargo is handled the chances of your cargo will get damaged is also reduced.  This service is also great for those who are shipping cargo that may be large, heavy or dimentionalized and not a good fit for standard LTL, but still not a full truckload.  This type of LTL service may also be up to 70% cheaper than that of a common carrier depending on lane and much faster transit time.

Cost reduction is as valueable as creating income.

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No Name Logistics can provide shipping service for your Less than Truckload shipments of 150 lbs. or more.  And LTL consisting of heavier weights can see discounted rates as well as "load-to-ride" service.  We handle Truckload points all over the USA, Canada & Mexico.

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